A Guide To Gift-Giving: 5 Mistakes You Should Avoid

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A Guide To Gift-Giving: 5 Mistakes You Should Avoid

Gift-giving is definitely a thoughtful and meaningful gesture. If executed correctly, giving corporate gifts in Singapore can benefit your business in many ways on top of enhancing business relationships. But if done poorly, you might end up sending the wrong signal to the receiver – despite having the best intentions.

As it’s often the thought that counts, the last thing you want is to compromise the overall quality of your gift. So, before you get down to business by choosing the ideal corporate gifts, read on to find out more about the type of mistakes you should avoid making.

1. Playing favourites

Be it for your employees or clients, corporate gifts are usually distributed to a group of people. So, anytime you plan on giving corporate gifts, avoid playing favourites as much as you can. Even if you think you have the best intentions, others can end up perceiving it differently.

To avoid playing favourites, even without meaning to, ensure that everyone gets a similar gift. From the higher-ups to cleaners, don’t miss anyone out!

Giving personalised corporate gifts goes beyond the type of gifts chosen, so don’t worry about giving everyone similar gifts. You can always print a name, add a personal note and the like, to achieve personalisation.

2. Inappropriate gifts

Indeed, there’s beauty in diversity. Similarly, in Singapore, seeing people of different races and religions is a common sight. With this in mind, you must pay close attention to factors such as religion. Anything that can be deemed insensitive should be struck off the list! That’s why it’s also crucial that you know who the gift is for so you can choose a suitable gift for them.

3. Don’t overlook gift presentation

The gift’s presentation is as important as the gift itself. After spending so much time finding the perfect gift, you’d want the packaging to build up the anticipation of opening the gift. Adding on, going the extra mile speaks volumes about your company.

By designing a product packaging or ribbon with your company’s logo, for example, it’ll show your commitment to quality. It also makes it clear to the receiver who the gift is from! If your intention of giving a corporate gift is to show your gratitude, then avoid adding a promotional message.

4. Overpriced and luxurious gifts

While you don’t want to be frivolous when it comes to picking a corporate gift, you also shouldn’t go overboard with the price. Instead, play it safe by keeping it within a realistic budget that’s neither too costly nor too cheap.

5. Keep it corporate

To give it context, would you give your colleagues the same gift that you’d give to your family? To stay professional, keep your corporate gifts corporate. For your employees, perhaps you can give them pin badges with the company’s logo engraved on it. Anytime they wear it out, they’ll represent your company and also promote brand recognition among those who see it.

As for your clients, consider corporate pens! Despite its small size and affordability, corporate pens do not compromise on their benefits. To illustrate, its portability and usability enhances its practicality.


Planning for the right type of corporate gift can be tricky, stressful and overwhelming. Now that you’re more aware of the different mistakes you should avoid, we hope this can help ease the load off your shoulders! At the end of the day, what matters most is that each gift is given with a touch of sincerity.

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