3 Crucial Ways That Customised Gifts Increase Sales

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3 Crucial Ways That Customised Gifts Increase Sales

Corporate gifting is one of the most underrated ways of growing your business. This could be either for getting new clients or even for retaining your current clients. However, most business owners make the mistake of only sending gifts to their existing clients. But what about potential clients?

By only focusing your corporate gifting on existing clients, business owners miss out a huge slice of the pie on prospective clients they could attract. If you already have warm leads on your hands, a little corporate gift can go a long way!

This guide will reveal the 3 little-known ways in which you can get more deals and clients through strategic gift-giving.

Book meetings with corporate gifts

Currently, more and more businesses are tapping into technology and digital channels to reach out to more potential clients. With channels like Facebook, Instagram and even E-mail, your competitors are blasting your potential clients with pitches and even small talk, trying to book an appointment with them.

Although it was once effective, more prospective clients in the market are catching on and slowly developing ad blindness. In other words, it is harder to get their attention and eventually book an appointment through these saturated ways.

Fortunately, not many business owners in Singapore realise that corporate gifts are a unique way to stand out from competitors and reach your potential clients. When sending them a corporate gift like a customised face mask; what you are doing is creating a pattern interrupt. Your physical customised gift in their hands is not similar to a Facebook Ad or an E-mail that they are used to brushing off. Hence, you would be able to get their attention.

Connect your gifts to your service

Corporate gift-giving is actually an art. Instead of merely giving a gift to your prospective clients, it would leave a lasting impression if your personalised corporate gifts have a correlation with your services. In a way, you are introducing yourself, your business and what you can do for their business, all through one gift.

One example of correlating your gift to your service is, if you have a massage business, you could send gifts that relate to relaxing. For instance, eye masks, facial masks or even massage oils make good gifts. Through these gifts, your clients would not only feel grateful but also be more open to working with your company.

Automate your gift-giving 

Once you start sending out corporate gifts, you would realise that it is taking up your team’s time and resources. Such precious time can go to other key areas of your business that directly helps you grow it. The best part about corporate gift giving when sending it out to potential clients is that you would not need to manually send them one by one.

What you could do is partner up with a company that customises and supplies corporate gifts. They would then do all the heavy lifting like getting your company’s logo and tagline printed as well as sending the gifts out. Hence, you are able to ramp up your prospect outreach through your corporate gifts.


Now’s the best time to take advantage of corporate gift-giving to increase your sales and clients, especially since not many businesses are utilising this strategy. So reach out to a corporate gift supplier and get that good first impression from your potential customers!

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