3 Useful Promotional Corporate Gifts To Benefit Your Brand

3 Useful Promotional Corporate Gifts To Benefit Your Brand

Many companies in Singapore print corporate gifts for their employees, clients or customers. It is an effective way to strengthen relationships or show appreciation for their hard work on behalf of the company. Who doesn’t like to be appreciated, right? But there’s another advantage you can benefit from – promoting your brand.

There are many advantages to giving out corporate promotional gifts: raising brand awareness, improving customer image and perception, maintaining customer loyalty, developing employee relations and many more. Promotional corporate gifts are a cost-effective and dependable way to go.

Using gifts to achieve these advantages is easy when you get the correct gifts. Here are some very handy gift ideas.

Customised canvas tote bags

Having your logo on a tote bag would help spread awareness and make impressions wherever it goes. Whenever someone catches a glimpse of the bag, they would be reminded of your brand, or your logo might get imprinted on their mind. Besides, tote bags are useful, and clients or employees would often use them to carry their personal belongings, like their wallet, make-up or smartphones. Just a little tip: Remember to design them according to your brand’s colours and make them attractive!

Customised face masks

You already know this. Masks are one of the most sought-after products now. Everybody in the streets is wearing one, so why not make it a little more interesting? Placing a small logo or using your brand colours could easily help identify your brand. You can also personalise them by having your recipients’ names designed on it, making the gift more personal and unique.

Personalised tissue packets

Tissue paper is an essential thing we all need. It is the product which got people queuing in supermarkets during a pandemic. You will always need tissue paper after you have had your meals, or when you catch a cold. It is small and convenient; thus, most people carry one in their bag at all times. Printed tissue packets allow you to put your company’s logo on the cover. People can even use them to ‘chope’ their seats during lunch!


The gifts suggested are useful and definitely wouldn’t be thrown aside. They give people the versatility to carry and use them, and bring the printed gifts containing the company’s name or details for indirect publicity to the public – especially if the designs are eye-catching or impactful. Trust me, the receiver will surely love them!

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