Simple Corporate Gifts To Elevate Your Brand In Singapore

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Simple Corporate Gifts To Elevate Your Brand In Singapore

Whether you are looking to thank your clients and employees for their contribution to your company or trying to advertise your brand, one of the simplest ways to accomplish these goals is through giving corporate gifts. Singapore is full of people who love free things, and companies who provide gifts are likely to stay in their memory for much longer.

However, to get the most bang for your buck, it is optimal to give them things that they will use. The more use they get out of the gift, the more satisfied they will be, and the more prominent your brand becomes. It’s a win-win! To truly elevate your brand, here are some simple and practical ideas for corporate gifts that will give your brand the airtime it deserves:

1. Customised pen

They say the pen is mightier than the sword. Well, the pen is certainly the mightiest of practical gifts. Even in the digital age of today, pens are still used almost everywhere we go. Whether it be to take notes, do exams or sign contracts, no matter the age group or background, pens see use practically every day of our lives. You are getting publicity whenever the pen is being used simply by adding your brand logo to it.

Be warned, however, as this is only effective if the pen you choose and the design of the pen itself is high quality. After all, no one wants to use an ugly pen that cannot write properly, or at least not for long. On the other hand, a smooth-writing, beautifully designed pen will see much use, and possibly be more likely to attract the attention of peers. Fortunately, if you are going to use corporate gift pens, Singapore has exceptional retailers who make customisable ones. We at Vivopress have some fantastic advertising pen options which are of high quality and custom-designed for your brand.

2. Coaster

At the end of the day, everyone just wants to sit down on the couch and have a nice cold glass of something to drink. When they reach into their drawer to grab a coaster for their dripping cup, your brand is the first thing they see. Coasters are a simple and elegant way to get your brand out there. Their long-lasting nature also ensures that your brand name will be there for a significant period. While coasters are generally not brought out of the house, guests and family members are likely to see them often, giving your brand significant exposure. This is made even more effective if the coasters have a prominent, aesthetically pleasing design and highly absorbent material.

3. Water bottle

Water bottles are one of the more prominent gifts you can give. Big, distinct, and loud, a water bottle with your brand on it is a great way to publicise your brand name. It is very common to see the youth and working adults alike sitting in cafés or libraries with water bottles perched on their table. Some also place their bottles in their backpack side pockets, making it even plainer to see on public transport or just walking along the street. The potential for advertisement here is plain to see. If you decide to use a durable, manageable-sized water bottle, clients could end up using it for years.

Corporate gifts do not have to be complicated. These simple gift ideas could give your brand significant mileage at a reasonable cost. It is, however, important to note that the gifts must be sturdy to ensure a long-lasting effect. Be sure to engage a reliable retailer of corporate gifts in Singapore so that you and your clients or employees are satisfied with the gifts.

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