How Tissue Packet Advertising Helps Your Business

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How Tissue Packet Advertising Helps Your Business

Corporate gift-giving is an integral part of marketing campaigns. As such, companies are constantly looking out for effective and affordable promotional items to reach out to their target audience and at the same time, reduce the cost of corporate gifts. One way to get your brand’s name out is through tissue paper advertisements!

This marketing concept commonly features your company’s logo, name, and advertisement on a tissue pack. Depending on the product or service that’s being advertised, the printed tissue is then given out to the target population. For example, if your target population are train commuters, then the printed tissue is handed out at MRT stations. If you’re pushing to get your brand out, then here are five reasons why you should consider printed tissue packs!

Affordability in the cost of production

Tissue packs are much more affordable as compared to other marketing methods. Thousands of it can also be produced in matters of weeks or days – depending on the type of tissue pack – so you can distribute it to thousands of people in a day.

High retention rate

Upon receiving a tissue pack, people will either use it or pass it to someone else. Either way, the tissue pack will be retained for a more extended period. If you hand them more than one tissue pack, they’re likely to give it to someone else! In contrast to flyers, which are usually discarded almost immediately. Tissue packs are also easy-to-carry, so it slides right into your pocket.


It’s highly likely that customers will read or look at the advertisement even after they have accepted it. Tissue packs contain at least eight pieces of tissue, so the repeated exposure is likely to increase conversion rate! With a higher exposure rate, your product or service would reach out to a lot of people in a shorter time.

A gift with added value

The moment we leave our homes and offices, tissue packs are a must-have to deal with the humidity and sweat. So when distributing it outside, you are less likely to face rejections. Tissue packs are regarded as a necessity since it’s practical to almost everyone. On top of that, it creates a win-win situation for both the company and the customer. While you succeed in conveying your message to the receiver, the receiver feels touched at receiving a free product.


There are many creative ways one can go about with the design of a custom tissue pack. From vouchers to name cards, it’s entirely up to you and your marketing objective. Having eye-catching visuals and good copy is essential for capturing the receiver’s interest. Additionally, there are various ways to get advertisements printed on a tissue pack! It can be in the form of a rectangular box, cardboard tissue pack, tissue wallet, and so much more. What you choose is dependent on other factors, such as your budget.


We hope the five factors mentioned above came in handy for your decision-making. In light of recent events, we are still open for business! Feel free to contact us with any enquiries or design advice. From bags to corporate pens with logo, we provide many kinds of customisable gift services at affordable prices.

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