Simple Design Choices To Make Your Pins Really Stand Out

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Simple Design Choices To Make Your Pins Really Stand Out

People are always looking for ways to express themselves, whether it be for a fashion statement or to promote a message. And what better way to do that than with a tasteful pin placed on your shirt or bag?

Pins come in all shapes and sizes, but they are generally more compact than other popular corporate gifts in Singapore like tissue packets and non-woven bags. However, do not let their small size fool you, because they can pack a big punch.

A visually appealing badge may see almost constant exposure as people make it a semi-permanent fixture on their attire or bags. Imagine free long-term brand promotion coupled with high customer satisfaction. Such is the power of the pin.

If you are on board with the idea of a custom button pin or enamel pin corporate gift, here are some ways to make your design stand out among the crowd.

Unique shape

Pins can come in practically any shape under the sun, so it makes sense to capitalise on this flexibility. Giving your pin a unique shape will make it stand out from the rest and easily capture attention.

If your brand’s logo happens to have an out-of-the-box shape, you can even simply use the logo as the pin design. This has the added benefit of promoting brand recognition since people can associate your company with the shape itself. Visuals are much easier to remember than words, after all.

Use words wisely

Words are the simplest way to convey ideas, so it can be tempting to fill up the space of your custom button pin with lines of text. However, the thing with words is that they need to be readable to be effective. Given the limited space on pins, you want to be selective about which words you use.

Short phrases about 3-5 words long are best because they can be read in an instant. A concise, straightforward message makes it possible for anyone to process the message even without intentionally looking at it. When curious passersby have no trouble deciphering the words from a glance, you will know that the design is a successful one.

Consider colours carefully

If words and shapes are the trains that deliver your message, colour is the fuel. Your colour choices have a direct effect on how well your branding comes across for aesthetic and practical reasons.

Starkly contrasting colours tend to be more eye-catching, while complementary colours can be easier on the eyes. If you are looking to command attention, it would be best to use more of the former.

Contrasting colours also make the images and words on your pins much clearer, especially from a distance. For example, it would be much easier to see white words on a black background compared to dark grey words.

Of course, complementary colours can still be used, but it would be best to have at least the main body of the design contrast with the background of the pin.

Less is more

Ideas benefit from simplicity, and branding is no exception. A cluttered design on your custom button pin will only make it an eye-sore while diluting the message that you are trying to send.

In general, this idea applies to words, images, and colours. Too many fonts or images can confuse viewers, and an excessive amount of colours can be visually overwhelming. Usually, it is best to stick to two or three colours and fonts.

There are plenty of exceptions though, like in rainbow or word cloud designs, so feel free to bend the rules if you have a stand-out idea.


Custom button pins and enamel pins are some of the most versatile corporate gifts around. With endless possibilities for shapes and visuals, any brand can make an impact, so long as they have a well-thought-out and fitting design.

To get the most out of your pins, you will need to find a premium quality designer and a professional printer. Here at Vivopress, we offer both top-notch design services, as well as excellent printing services to bring your brilliant designs to life. Other than custom button pins, we also offer our services for a wide range of corporate gifts like enamel pins, corporate pens, and so on. Check out our convenient online store to find out more.

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