Why Do Customised Pens Make The Perfect Corporate Gift?

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Why Do Customised Pens Make The Perfect Corporate Gift?

Whether you own a small or big business, the chances are you give corporate gifts on various occasions. Corporate gifting has been an important part of operating a modern business, and it is basically the act of gifting gifts to clients or employees on behalf of the company.

Choosing the perfect gift can be challenging, especially if you don’t know the recipient well, which is nearly always the case if you run a big business. If you are looking for a gift that everyone would appreciate and that you can give to both employees and clients, a customised corporate pen might be the answer for you! Here are 4 reasons why they make such perfect gifts!


For people who like to stick to traditional gifts, giving pens as gifts would definitely tick your boxes. These pens can vary in price, from the most expensive brands to pens that are more affordable. For many years, pens have been the go-to gift for business leaders to give their employees, clients, and even partnering companies. This is a tradition that does not seem to be disappearing any time soon, making it a safe choice. 


The first rule to buying a corporate gift is that it should be useful. Even in today’s modern day where everybody is attached to their electronic devices, pens are still a vital part of our daily life. You would see many people searching for the perfect pen to write down what is on their mind. This is why giving a pen is a good idea, especially a customised one.

Remind people of your brand

It is recommended to find a corporate gift that reminds people of your brand, products, and the business itself. A pen fits the bill perfectly, as it is something that everybody needs and it displays your logo and company name prominently! A customised pen is not just an extension of the brand, but also a token reminder of an employee’s commitment to his job, a pride in their sense of belonging. It will be with the recipient for many years and leave a lasting impression!

Consider it a business card

If you leave customised pens in your office for people to take, this can be almost as good of a marketing tool as a business card. If you are buying pens for your customers or clients, this might give them an opportunity to give these pens to other people and expand your exposure. This will allow your business to be discovered by new people. Word-of-mouth is definitely a great way to market your brand with such a little investment.


Pens are useful and convenient gifts, which is wonderful for any business. Consider the quality and durability when choosing your pens from a corporate gifting company as that’s where you can make a difference. The longer the life of your pen, the longer it can market your business!

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