Ways To Celebrate Chinese New Year In The Office This Year

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Ways To Celebrate Chinese New Year In The Office This Year

Chinese New Year is just around the corner, and it is arguably one of the most popular and huge celebrations in Singapore. Many people come together to celebrate this holiday, and it’s the perfect chance for you to catch up with your employees and bring them together for some team bonding. Besides, it is also a great occasion for everybody to embrace cultural diversity in the office!

You might have already started the preparations at home for this auspicious occasion, but are you having trouble thinking of how to extend this fun to the workplace? Here are 5 ways to celebrate Chinese New Year in the office!

1. Decorate the office

Decorating the office with traditional Chinese New Year decorations is a great way to completely immerse in the festival’s spirit and tradition. The popular and common decorations include red lanterns, flowers, mandarin oranges, and zodiac signs. Additionally, these decorations are traditionally believed to drive away bad luck! Spruce up the office with these decorations that will surely put everybody in the mood for the festivity!

2. Office spring cleaning

While everybody is busy cleaning their homes, it is important to note that we spend almost 50 hours a week in the office, which is a great portion of our weekday lives! This is why setting some time to do some spring cleaning and keeping the work environment clean would greatly benefit everyone. This practice is often said to drive away the bad luck in the space and make room for the new.

3. Office reunion dinner

Your employees and colleagues are basically your second family considering the time you’re spending together. Chinese New Year is the time to have a get-together reunion meal. With the Covid-19 restrictions, having a meal with the whole company may be impossible, so it’s fine to split them up into the departments or project teams. This reunion meal is a great chance for more interaction, and it also symbolises the end of all negatives from the previous year and welcoming new beginnings.

4. Dress up

Have everyone in the office dress up in their favourite festive outfit! It is believed that wearing new clothes is a representation of leaving behind the old and welcoming the new. Some of the popular outfits during this festive season with a traditional flair include the cheongsam and tangzhuang. This would definitely spice things up a little and get everybody into the spirit of Chinese New Year!

5. Give out some gifts

Chinese New year is another corporate gifting season in Singapore. Gifting is a great way to say thank you to your employees and clients, showing them you appreciate their hard work in the past year. A great opportunity for spreading brand awareness is through customised red packets, designed to carry your branding. There are many possible gifts to get for your employees as well, such as Chinese New Year orange carriers, greeting cards, or custom pens! Don’t be shy to bring some treats such as pineapple tarts or cookies to share with the people at the office!


Chinese New Year is a massive celebration in Singapore that is all about prosperity and joy. If you are looking for a corporate gift supplier in Singapore to provide some joy-bringing gifts this season, Vivopress is the perfect stop for you. We have a wide range of high-quality gifts that will surely impress your receivers!

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