3 Secrets To Give The Best Customised Corporate Gifts

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3 Secrets To Give The Best Customised Corporate Gifts

In the current day and age, more business owners in Singapore are starting to realise the benefits of corporate gift giving. Therefore, they are sending personalised corporate gifts to gain new customers, retain customers, and reward employees. However, with more companies sending out corporate gifts, it is extremely essential for you to put thought into it to stand out. Only when your corporate gift stands out would you be able to reap the benefits of it. Also, the more useful your gift is, the more your potential clients will think about your business and consider partnering up with you.

If you are racking your brains for new ways to have your corporate gifts stand out, then worry no more! Keep reading on for 3 key tips that will guarantee that you send unique and desirable corporate gifts

Make the gift personal

When sending customised corporate gifts, you could either send it manually to each potential client or send it out in bulk with the help of your corporate gift supplier. However, no matter which way you choose to send them, you should not neglect to send them out with a personal touch. A large portion of the effectiveness of your corporate gift is in its personal touch.

In fact, it is obvious when a corporate gift is sent to clients in bulk. This is typically not appreciated by potential clients as it does not show sincerity. Adding a personal touch, on the other hand, allows them know that you are thinking of them and that your gift would be of use to them. If you are unsure of how you can make your gifts more personal, one simple way is by adding a personal note with it. This is not only effective but also allows you to introduce yourself to them.

Be creative with your gifts

Getting creative with your gifts is another smart way of adding a personal touch to your corporate gift. It also shows that your company has put in the thought and effort in order to send them the gift.

The best part is that you can be creative with your gifts without overspending on the corporate gift. If your potential client owns a store selling sports goods, perhaps your customised corporate gift could be related to sports. Not only does this appeal to your potential client more, but you would also be able to catch their attention amidst the other companies trying to reach out to them in a mundane way.

Send the corporate gifts all year round

One mistake that most business owners make when it comes to corporate gifting is to send the gift to their client once and stopping when they do not see any results. However, if you send these gifts during peak seasons, your gift risks being overshadowed by other gifts.

Instead, you should send corporate gifts a few times throughout the year and not only once on special occasions. This shows your clients that you are truly thinking of them, and shows your sincerity.


Use these tips to upgrade your corporate gift giving plan to see better results! Need a corporate gifts supplier to help? You’ll find plenty of customisable gift options here at Vivopress. We can also handle design and delivery for you to make your process even easier.

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