Key Tips To Note When Getting Customised Masks As Gifts

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Key Tips To Note When Getting Customised Masks As Gifts

As far as fashion trends go, we probably would not have expected face masks to feature as a prominent accessory before the pandemic struck. However, as the COVID-19 situation continues to impact Singapore, these items have become mandatory. This has led to the popularity of various designer and custom masks.

Face masks are no longer a piece of cloth to keep us safe, but it is also a fashion statement, allowing us to express our unique style. As a result, many companies are now looking to custom masks as ideal and practical corporate gifts to give their employees and clients. If you are also considering this option, let us share the key factors you need to consider.

1. Safety and effectiveness

Different masks offer various layers of protection – some offer two plies while others provide three. The effectiveness of the face mask is also dependent on the fabric it is made from. Medical-grade masks are the safest option, but they are one-time use only.

If you are looking for an eco-friendlier option, you can turn to cloth masks. Cloth masks are typically made of cotton, and some of them include a pocket that allows users to insert an additional filter as protection. Additionally, they are customisable and can add an element of style. So when you are looking to purchase customised masks as a corporate gift, be sure to find one that is made of higher-quality material and offers additional protection.

2. Breathability

Many Singaporeans opt to wear disposable masks over cloth masks as they tend to be more breathable. So if you don’t want your custom gift to go to waste, consider getting face masks that are made of a softer, breathable fabric. You will also need to ensure that the printing of the design does not affect the material and the masks are still comfortable for their users.

3. Design and colour

Custom masks are blank canvases that present an opportunity to unleash your creativity. Some businesses may choose to print the company’s logo on the side, while others may opt for a unique pattern or mix of colours, so the masks stand out.

If you are stumped for choice, consider the message your organisation wants to send to its clients. After all, the face masks are meant to be a corporate gift. So it is best to avoid outlandish colours and designs unless it matches your company’s logo and colours. Standard shades such as white, black, or blue are excellent choices.

4. When to wash them

Cloth masks are meant to be reusable and washable, up to a specific number of uses. So do take note of the laundry requirement for the masks you intend to purchase. Additionally, you should ensure washing instructions are provided along with the gift. It is best to give a pack of customised masks so your clients and employees have spare masks to wear while the rest are being washed and left to dry.


Face masks make for an ideal gift in this pandemic era that we find ourselves in. However, there are various factors you have to consider before you buy your customised face mask. We hope that what we have shared has allowed you to make an informed purchasing choice.

If you are still scouting for the ideal face masks to serve as a corporate gift, do not hesitate to reach out to us. At Vivopress, we offer an extensive selection of face masks to choose from, and we also provide custom mask printing for select products. Browse our online store and start shopping now!

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