The Secret To Gift-Giving? Finding The Right Time To Give

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The Secret To Gift-Giving? Finding The Right Time To Give

Most businesses fall prey to the monotony of giving gifts on special occasions, like the holiday season, birthdays, and so forth. While giving gifts is undoubtedly one of the staples of the holiday season, you might want to rethink your approach if you’re giving corporate gifts in Singapore. Giving gifts during the holiday season might be customary, but if you aim to leave a good impression on the recipient, there are yet better ways to do so.

Employing strategic gift-giving can do wonders for your business, like increasing your company’s referrals and fostering meaningful relationships with your clients – both potential and current. Besides thinking of the type of gift to give, read on to find out more about how time and occasion plays a role in the giving of impressionable gifts.

When to avoid gift-giving

It’s natural to want to give gifts around the holiday season, but you may want to reconsider. Contrary to popular belief, the holiday season is one of the occasions where you should avoid giving gifts. The time between November and December is probably the most cluttered time of the year. During these festivities, people are out spending time with their loved ones.

Furthermore, it’s also the occasion where recipients might get overwhelmed with too many gifts, making it easy for your gift to be overlooked. To elaborate, it’s hard for your gifts to stand out when people are expecting gifts from every angle. Besides, if you’re aiming for Christmas, keep in mind that not all your clients celebrate it.

If you want to make a bigger impact with your gifts, avoid giving corporate gifts at the time of year when gifts are expected to be given.

Convey your gratitude all year round

A better strategy for corporate gift-giving would be on occasions where gifts aren’t typically exchanged between business partners. There is a plethora of national holidays to choose from. You can even send pillows on World Sleep Day. Once you start to open your eyes to all the possibilities, you’ll realise that there are many opportunities to give gifts!

Aside from that, it’s also essential that you choose the appropriate timing that correlates with your business. Perhaps a new product launch, closing a big deal, or any other events where you wish to extend your gratitude to your customers, employees and clients.

Another suggestion would be to send gifts at random, on unorthodox occasions. This will give you an edge over your competitors. It also tells your client that you’re doing this out of goodwill, and not because you feel obliged to. Over the course of building meaningful business relationships, it’s the little things like this that add up to something significant.

All in all, you’re eliminating any sense of entitlement because receiving gifts from your company is never an expected course of action, but a surprise. And when done right, it’ll certainly leave a meaningful impact on your recipients.

The art of corporate gift-giving

The timing is equally as important as the quality of gifts. With that in mind, we wish you all the best in your corporate gift-giving journey! Why don’t you take your gift-giving up a notch with customised corporate gifts? Take a corporate gift pen, for example. It’s practical, durable, and most importantly, portable.

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