5 Things To Consider To Choose The Perfect Corporate Gift

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5 Things To Consider To Choose The Perfect Corporate Gift

Giving corporate gifts to your clients or employees is a great way to show them appreciation in a thoughtful and genuine way. In return, this will lead to a boost in your company’s performance and growth. Additionally, it can help affirm business relationships and enhance personal connections between you and the receivers.

Choosing the right corporate gift can show a lot and go a long way. It can make the receiver feel that you care about them, and that you value the relationship. This is why it is vital to put a bit of thought into your corporate gift strategy – which means thinking beyond a regular wall calendar or plain mug. Here are 5 things to consider before picking out the perfect gift!

1. The role of the gift
Considering the purpose or reason for the gift can help when deciding what items will be the best fit. Promotional gifts are intended to increase brand recognition, whereas gifts offered to corporate supporters serve a very different purpose. Before deciding what gift to give away, clarify the role of the gift so that they will match the occasion. The themes of all the different occasions such as festivals, promotional events, or the launch of new products are all very different. Remember to choose your corporate gifts accordingly!

2. Practicality of the gift
It is always better to choose gifts that are practical compared to those that are purely decorative. Many would appreciate a gift that can be used daily, to make life easier, or to solve a problem. This gives the gift a greater value. For example, a cork coaster would be a practical gift as it prevents their desk from getting wet while they enjoy a cold drink. Another example would be a customised corporate gift such as reusable masks as people will definitely use them!

3. Budget
It is important to set a budget when planning your corporate gifting strategy. Don’t overspend and make sure everything lies within the budget of the company. Always remember to consider the cost of gift wrapping and delivery. After all, the gift has to look presentable to leave an impact on the receiver. Just a friendly tip: treat gifting just like how you treat any other investments!

4. Make it personalised
To set yourself apart from the norm, try making the gift personalised. You can choose customised gifts or simply write a handwritten note to the receiver. People feel more appreciated when they see the extra effort as it can show how much you care. Not only does it create a lasting impression, but they will also value the gift more. Don’t underestimate the power of personalised gift!

5. Reputation and reliability of the supplier
Choosing the right corporate gift company always plays a vital role. Be sure to check the company’s reliability and reputation before ordering your items. You wouldn’t want to waste money on a company that has bad customer service skills or low-quality products. Giving a low-quality item to your clients or employees can reflect poorly on the giver, which is why quality is very important when it comes to anything you purchase.

Remember that the corporate gift you choose has the ability to create a lasting impression. Considering the factors mentioned above can help you choose the best gift that not only strengthens bonds but also bring business to your company. Here at Vivopress, we are dedicated to providing you with the best service and top-quality corporate gifts. You can also give your gifts a twist as we provide unique customised corporate gifts!

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