COVID Protection Gifts You Can Consider Giving Your Employees

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COVID Protection Gifts You Can Consider Giving Your Employees

It is often said that a company’s best asset is its employees. After all, they are responsible for helping the company achieve its monthly objectives and quarterly sales quotas. This is why it should be in every business owner’s best interest to keep their employees happy.

While there are multiple ways you can go about this, giving them gifts is an excellent way of making them feel valued and appreciated. Given the current COVID-19 situation in Singapore, you may want to consider purchasing pandemic essentials that can help your employees stay safe during this challenging period. This is also a great way to demonstrate to your workers that you care about their safety.

However, if you are struggling to come up with practical gift ideas, let us help by sharing the four pandemic essential gifts you can consider purchasing to safeguard your employees’ health.

1. 3-ply anti-bacterial face mask

Masks are our first line of defence against the current pandemic, with most countries implementing mandatory mask and personal protective equipment (PPE) regulations for their citizens. However, governing health bodies have advised the public to change their masks regularly to ensure their effectiveness.

With these factors taken into consideration, why not give your employees something that they will use daily? When browsing through the mask catalogue of an online gift shop, consider getting masks that offer greater protection. Cloth masks typically provide minimal protection and are not as effective as surgical masks, which is made of at least a 3-ply layer of material like polypropylene.

Therefore, if you want to ensure your employees stay safe, you should consider Vivopress’s 3-ply anti-bacterial face mask. Our mask comprises three layers of Silver Ion Anti-Bacterial cotton and is incorporated with SILVADUR™ technology, which goes a long way in safeguarding your workers. Not only does this mask help to eliminate 99.9% of harmful bacteria for up to 50 washes, but it is also easy to breathe when wearing one, making it ideal for prolonged usage.

Moreover, we offer custom mask printing for our face masks, allowing you to personalize this protective equipment with your company’s logo. By doing so, not only are you able to keep your employees safe, but you can also promote your brand.

2. Flat mask storage box

While the pandemic is still far from over, the government has begun easing restrictions and allowing the public to dine in at restaurants and cafeterias, albeit in a limited capacity. With dining in once again an option, your employees might fancy eating at these food establishments for lunch, which necessitates them removing their masks when they are eating. When this happens, they are going to require a place to store their masks safely.

While most people would usually take their masks down from their mouth to their chins, studies have shown that this is not a good practice because our neck area is constantly exposed to the external environment, which contains various germs and micro-organisms. Therefore, a flat mask storage box might be the ideal gift for your employees to store their mask safely when they are not wearing it.

3. Custom mask lanyard

If you think a separate mask holder is too cumbersome for your employee, a custom mask lanyard is a great alternative. This allows your workers to hang their masks around their necks during lunch hours without exposing the masks to the harmful bacteria found on their chins.

4. Sanitizer holder keychain

Given the current health crisis, keeping your hands clean has never been more important. After all, our hands are constantly exposed to germs and bacteria, given the various surfaces we touch daily. This is why the government is reminding us to wash our hands regularly.

However, we might not always have access to clean water. If your employees wish to disinfect their hands during these occasions, they will likely need to carry a bottle of hand sanitizer with them.

Nevertheless, it can be cumbersome to carry a small bottle with you at all times. Furthermore, given the object’s relatively small size, it is easy for your employees to lose their bottle of hand sanitizer. But your employees are less likely to lose their essential items, such as their house keys or wallets. As such, it might be wise to give your employees sanitizer holder keychains so they can store their bottle of hand sanitizer and hook it onto their essential carry-ons.


A healthy employee is a happy employee. Moreover, your workers falling sick can have an adverse impact on your organization’s productivity. Therefore, it is imperative for you to keep your employees safe by minimizing their exposure to the virus. As such, getting them essential pandemic gifts is a great way to reduce their risks.

If you are still struggling to find the perfect pandemic gift for your employees, do not hesitate to reach out to us. At Vivopress, we offer an extensive selection of products that can help you safeguard your employees’ health. We guarantee you will be able to find something that suits your workers’ needs.

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