The Perfect Gifts For Your Employees During This Pandemic

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The Perfect Gifts For Your Employees During This Pandemic

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there is no doubt that getting your hands on the pandemic essentials is something that’s on everyone’s minds. That is why giving out some of these pandemic essentials to your employees is such a great idea during this time.

Not only can you boost your employees’ satisfaction, but you can also show them that you prioritise their health and well-being by presenting them with these custom printed corporate gifts.

Below are the top few pandemic-combatting corporate gifts in Singapore to help your employees in the fight against COVID-19.

Reusable face mask

As it is compulsory to wear a face mask in Singapore when we’re in public during this pandemic, you can’t go wrong with a reusable face mask. They create a barrier between your employees and the virus, slowing the spread of the virus. Adding on, these rotatable and reusable face masks will undoubtedly be used often, and are more environmentally-friendly than disposable ones. Remember, apart from merely focusing on making them look good with your logo on them, prioritising comfort will go a long way.

Mask storage box

Where can your employee keep their face masks when they’re not in use? One has to put aside his/her face mask while dining at restaurants, and some simply chuck them in their bags, not considering the fact that their masks will get dirty. This is when a mask storage box comes in handy. With an easily accessible and portable container, a mask storage box is ideal for users to keep their masks clean and ensure they don’t go missing.

Face shield

People are so fixated on face masks that few notice that face shields are a thing too. For a specific and exempted group of people, a face shield is another alternative as they struggle to wear face masks in public for a prolonged time. Unlike face masks, face shields cover one’s eyes and other parts of the face, while being transparent and a lot more durable. Since it’s plastic, getting it wet will not be an issue, unlike with face masks. Not forgetting, they are easy to clean and a lot more comfortable than masks that sit directly on your skin. For a trendier and more memorable face shield, incorporate your logo and you are good to go!


Health, safety and well-being should always remain as a priority, therefore making the above products ideal for your employees. Let your employees know you care. In this critical period, these thoughtful health-related corporate gifts in Singapore will definitely be appreciated and used. Kill two birds with one stone – strengthen your brand’s identity and keep your employees and their families safe.

Here at Vivopress, we provide customisation for these pandemic-related products as well as plenty of other corporate gifts. We are available for orders to fulfill all your corporate gifting needs. Do not hesitate to reach out to us for any enquiries.

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