What Are The Best Occasions To Give Out Corporate Gifts?

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What Are The Best Occasions To Give Out Corporate Gifts?

Gift-giving is a tradition as old as time, and one that can help you build bridges and strengthen business relationships with your employees and clients. It makes employees feel valued and appreciated, which gives them the motivation to work even harder for you.

While we’ve heard of the many benefits of giving corporate gifts, when is the right time to do so? Although you don’t need a reason to be in a giving mood, giving a gift at certain occasions can send the correct message to your recipient and make the gift even more meaningful. Here are 5 best occasions to give out corporate gifts!

Welcome gift

Giving a small and simple gift to a newly-acquired client or employee can be a good opening to the new partnership. This would give them a good impression of your company and have something to remind them of you. Such gestures would also show them that you care and increase the possibility of them staying loyal to your company. You can choose to give a gift basket or a customised pen to set a positive tone for the working relationship.

Staff promotion

Having an employee being promoted is obviously a time to celebrate! This is the perfect time to show him or her some appreciation for the work they have done, and you can do so with a corporate gift. It is human nature to want our efforts to be appreciated, and giving them a gift would brighten up their day and motivate them to work even harder. Some gifts that fit this occasion include congratulatory cards, gift cards, or personalised corporate gifts.

Company’s anniversary

Just like anybody’s birthday, the company’s anniversary is also an occasion worth celebrating. Remember that your employees and clients have helped you reach where you are today. Therefore, giving out a gift will show your appreciation towards them. Additionally, you can also celebrate the company anniversary or your clients or business partners to show them that you enjoy working with them and look forward to the future.

Congratulatory gift

In the corporate world, there are various awards that companies can win to cement their reputation as a leading force in the industry. When a business partner achieves such an incredible accomplishment of an award, it is the perfect time to give out a congratulatory gift. This gives out the message that you are supportive of their pursuits, and that you care about how they fare in the industry.

Celebrating employees

Hosting a small celebration for the employee of the month or having a staff welfare day can show appreciation for your employees. This can encourage them to work harder as they feel that there is an award or recognition to look forward to. It is important to remember to celebrate their hard work throughout the years.


Corporate gifts can be selected strategically to achieve your desired outcomes. The next important thing is to ensure that you pick out a good-quality and sincere gift. You can turn to corporate gifting companies to provide you with an assortment of unique or customised gifts, suitable for all occasions!

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