5 Ways to Give Work Anniversary Gifts that Touch the Heart

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5 Ways to Give Work Anniversary Gifts that Touch the Heart

Work anniversaries are milestones that are significant for both the employees and the employers. If you are a business owner, work anniversaries are the perfect opportunity to recognize your employees’ accomplishments and thank them for their loyalty. They also give you the chance to spark renewed motivation among your workers.

Giving work anniversary gifts is a simple yet effective way to make your employees feel appreciated, valued, and energized. To give you more ideas about this corporate practice, below are some of the best ways to give work anniversary gifts that can surely touch the hearts of your employees.

1. Give your employees perks throughout the year

Giving your employees one gift per year is not enough. If you want your employees to be satisfied and energized to work, you should make them feel valued not just on their anniversary but through the rest of the year. Give your employees perks, such as exclusive corporate discounts and ongoing peer-to-peer recognition, all year round. Being a constantly generous employer is a great way to show your employees that you care.

2. Choose the right gifts

Once you have already established the practice of making your employees feel valued all year round, the next thing that you need to do is to focus on your work anniversary gifts. Work anniversary is an important milestone for most employees. Many companies give their employees standard years of service awards in honor of such milestone.

However, if you want to convince your employees that your company is the best, you must deviate from the standard. Try to be more creative with your gifts. Generally, the right work anniversary gifts are those that are not just fancy but also functional and meaningful, such as pouches, canvas tote bags, custom masks, water bottles, and many others.

3. Give meanings to your gifts

Gifts become more special when they are filled with meanings. Work anniversary gifts, particularly, should be more than just about the passage of time. Although lasting a year in the company is indeed significant, your gifts should also be oriented around the growth and achievements that your employees have made in the span of that year.

Make your work anniversary gifts more meaningful by adding some messages to them or personalizing them. Personalized corporate gifts are becoming increasingly popular these days. Gift-giving is an opportunity for you to show to your employees how much you appreciate and value them. This is why it is important that you make your gifts meaningful so your employees can feel more appreciated and valued.

4. Deliver your gifts publicly

Celebrating a work anniversary is better when done with the whole team. As mentioned, work anniversary is a significant milestone, so an employee would naturally want to celebrate it with everyone. Because of this, it is necessary that you always involve the colleagues in giving work anniversary gifts to your employees. You can do this by either having them chime in with words of appreciation in a card or giving the gifts at a celebratory lunch where everyone can attend. Delivering your corporate gifts publicly can make the occasion feel more momentous.

5. Make your gifts motivational and inspiring

Work anniversaries provide an opportunity for you to remind your employees of the many possibilities that lie ahead. Your work anniversary gifts should not just be about celebrating the present but also the future. Basically, this means that your gifts must be motivating, energizing, and inspiring.

Incorporate into your gifts some elements that focus on the future your employees have at your company. These elements can range from a simple line or two in the card that mention the bright future your employees have or new benefits, such as an office upgrade or a reserved parking spot.


Work anniversaries are indeed important occasions that need to be celebrated with recognition and gifts. They provide you with an opportunity to show appreciation and care to your employees. If you want your employees to feel more satisfied and valued, give them work anniversary gifts that are useful, meaningful, motivational, and inspiring. Touching the hearts of your employees with your generosity is one of the best ways to gain their loyalty and ensure their hard work.

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