3 Most Useful Corporate Gifts Everyone Needs And Loves

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3 Most Useful Corporate Gifts Everyone Needs And Loves

It’s not just about choosing a random corporate gift, but choosing the ideal one. We come across and chance upon corporate gifts almost every single day, but how often do we remember one vividly? How do you ensure your corporate gifts leave an impact on consumers, making your brand stand out and be remembered?

Even though most Singaporeans love freebies, they’ll toss it aside if they don’t see a point and need for them. In turn, this results in a waste of both effort and money, defeating the purpose of your custom printed corporate gifts. It is therefore vital to choose practical and useful corporate gifts that everyone uses and needs.

Here are the 3 most useful corporate gifts that will certainly not go to waste.

1. Advertising tissue

You can’t go wrong with tissue printing. Everyone uses tissue on a daily basis, from using them to “chope” seats in the coffee shop or market, to wiping their mouths or cleaning their items. Ask anyone for tissue and it’ll appear magically before your eyes. It might just be a piece of tissue to you but we should not underestimate the power of advertising tissue. Small but mighty, this item is something we should not run away from, considering how they’re a daily necessity in everyone’s life.

2. Pouches and cases

Apart from tissue, pouches and cases are practical items people often carry around. Small but useful, these pouches and cases come in handy and can be used to store almost all everyday essentials, from an earpiece to a portable charger or even house keys! Therefore, it is evident that these pouches and cases have the ability to be utilised well, serving as multifunctional items, such as pencil cases, makeup pouches and even wallets. Because they are brought out and about so much, this also makes them ideal as branding platforms!

3. Bottles

Not forgetting, it is vital to stay hydrated! A bottle is something the vast majority of people of all ages carry around, be it to work or school. With the number of water coolers available almost everywhere one goes, it is no doubt that a bottle will come in handy. Adding on, this is beneficial to the environment as more people will refrain from resorting to purchasing single-use plastic bottles. As the number of environmentally-friendly people in Singapore is increasing, a bottle definitely serves as a useful item.


As these useful and practical items are utilised every single day by consumers all over this city, you can never go wrong with them! Ensure your money is spent wisely, and most importantly, let your brand be heard.

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