3 Benefits Of Using Customised Tissue For Your Business

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3 Benefits Of Using Customised Tissue For Your Business

While many businesses turn to mainly online marketing like social media marketing, email marketing and search engine optimisation, there is still merit in real-world advertising. For some businesses, traditional marketing efforts like giveaways and roadshows can still be highly beneficial.

Real-world advertising, in particular, custom printed tissue, printed tissue wallets, and printed cardboard tissue packets are highly effective marketing tools for all businesses. In some ways, they can reach audiences in ways that online and other forms of marketing cannot. If your marketing is planned correctly and well-executed, you will be able to see the benefits in no time. Here are the top 3 reasons why custom tissue printing can benefit and boost your business significantly.

1. Multiple exposure 

Leaflets and flyers are great, but as a consumer usually doesn’t hold onto them for long, they do not serve much use. Unlike leaflets and flyers, customers keep tissue packets for a much longer time, and this high retention rate means your advertising will receive greater exposure. Together with the usefulness of tissues and your business, you create a good impression, and this positive association is something customers will not forget.

Amongst friends and family or even strangers, tissues are something people share frequently. Many will cheerfully offer your printed tissue packets, and for every packet handed out, you gain recognition and views from even more people. This has the potential to create a viral effect for your marketing.

2. Cost-effective

When you compare tissue advertising to other advertising methods, tissue advertising is considered extremely cost-effective. They will not burn a hole in your pocket, especially if you order in bulk from a tissue packet printing company. Moreover, having your custom tissue paper helps consumers keep the advertisement, retaining the message you wish to bring across.

By giving tissue packets with your logo on them, your company will be deemed as approaching and caring as you are providing them with a daily functional necessity. Regardless of your business type, you always want to ensure you’re utilising your money well. With the fact that tissue advertising is wallet-friendly yet effective, rest assured you are doing the right thing!

3. Get creative with it  

Your tissue packets have to make the greatest impact. You can make your messages hilarious; for instance, if you’re in a phone company and wish to advertise the prices, you can print taglines like, “A little something for you when you receive your next bill”, with your logo incorporated. This type of tissue advertising has a bigger impact on your business as the consumer is put through an experience upon seeing your message.

You have the option of placing your message on the tissue packet itself, but in most cases, it will probably look like a mini-billboard and people are not so keen on drowning their houses with ad-soaked items. Instead, you can have your branding printed subtly on the sheets of paper themselves. Keep in mind that your first priority should always be getting the right message to the right people.


Tissue printing will always be in high demand, and one will always need a sheet or two every now and then. Proven to be a powerful and effective way of getting your message out, tissue advertising is a must-have for any business. However, the customers of today are well-informed and picky and have to be impressed by your real-world advertising. Here at Vivopress, we provide high-quality printing services to make your consumers happy.

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