Customised Pens: An Affordable Gift With Added Value

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Customised Pens: An Affordable Gift With Added Value

Regardless of the size of your business, the chances of receiving and giving corporate gifts in Singapore are quite likely.

However, the process behind selecting the ideal corporate gift can be quite tricky, especially if you don’t know the receiver personally. But with the availability of guides on choosing the perfect corporate gift, the process no longer needs to be so difficult.

When it comes to choosing an ideal corporate gift, the options available are endless! Meanwhile, have you considered corporate pens as potential gifts?

Believe it or not, printed pens are rather popular in the corporate world. Not only are they cost-effective, but they serve many purposes! Without further ado, read on as we share the factors that add value to customised pens as corporate gifts.

1. It gives your brand exposure

When giving someone a promotional gift like a customised pen, you’re also advertising your brand. Whenever they use your corporate pen, they’re also being exposed to your company name and logo which could help improve brand visibility.

Unlike other promotional gifts and marketing materials, the free space available on pens are quite limited, so make sure to use it wisely! Keep in mind that the most critical designs to include are your business name and logo. But if you wish, you may also incorporate other design elements, as long as they align with your business and fit on the pen!

2. It’s useful and easy to carry around

If a corporate gift is not practical to the recipient, then it’s more likely to be forgotten or thrown away – which is something you want to avoid! Thankfully, a pen always comes in handy in our day to day life. Even though we’re pretty tech-savvy now, some things still need to be in black and white, like signing an important document or writing a to-do list.

Furthermore, pens are small and light, which makes it easy to keep in one’s breast pocket, briefcase, pencil case and the like. In short, it’s hassle and fuss-free. Moreover, the minimal weight also does not compromise on its utility.

3. There are many options for you to choose from

Pens are available in a range of prices in the market. Of course, the cost depends on the features of the pen, but overall, prices are mostly justifiable. You can even get them at reasonable prices when purchased in bulk from a corporate gift supplier.

At Vivopress, you can find an extensive range of pens in our product catalogue, which includes recycled pens, banner pens, stylus pens, multifunctional pens, premium pens and more. For design-related enquiries, you’re always welcome to approach our in-house designers!

4. Take it up a notch by personalising it

What better way to elevate your pen than to personalise it? While the designing space on the pen can be quite limited, there are many other ways for you to get creative! For one, you can package the pen neatly into a box or top it off with a handwritten note. Aside from design, even selecting the choice of ink goes a long way. Take left-handers as an example; ballpoint and rollerball pens are preferred since the ink dries quickly – reducing the chance of the ink smudging on their hand.


Corporate gifts don’t have to cost a fortune! What’s more important is your sincerity throughout the gifting process. Pens are such a great tool to work with, for corporate gifting and in our everyday lives! Furthermore, with the widespread availability of pen printing services, attaining a custom pen that aligns with your business values is now a breeze!

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