The Perfect Corporate Gifts Ideas For A Long Service Award

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The Perfect Corporate Gifts Ideas For A Long Service Award

Behind the success of every company, whether a large organisation or a small start-up, is a team of hardworking employees. This backs up the saying that the biggest asset of every company is its employees.

Employees who have worked in your company for a long time have acquired experience, problem-solving skills and vast knowledge on your company’s standard operating procedures over the years. These are some traits that cannot be taught but rather are picked up over repetition and hands-on experience. Hence, it is critical to retain the employees who dedicate their time and effort in elevating the company that they work for. One of the best ways to do so is through giving these dedicated employees long service awards in recognition of their effort. Here are some gift ideas for long service awards that you would find useful!

You can never go wrong with pens

Corporate gift pens are one of the most traditional ways of forging a relationship with your employees. Pens are one of the most common types of corporate gifts for the best employees because they are practical. Despite the significant technological advancements that we have faced, there is still a place for pens. Every time your employees use their pens, they will be reminded that their loyalty is recognised by your company. This only strengthens and reinforces the relationship between you and your employees.

Additionally, pens are one of the easiest custom corporate gifts to get in Singapore, with so many options to pick from. You could either go for a high-end branded pen to commend your employees or even a simple pen that has both your company and employee’s name engraved on it. With a wide variety of colours and designs, corporate gift pens are the perfect long service gift for your employees.

Enhance your simple corporate gift

While a simple corporate gift like a corporate engraved pen can hold immense value to your employees, there are ways to enhance it further. You can simply pair any corporate gift like a portable charger or a pen with a gift card in commendation of their effort and loyalty to the company.

When doing so, not only do they feel proud of receiving the corporate gift but also have the flexibility to spend the gift card on something of their liking. The gift card adds versatility to the long-service award and hence makes it a more memorable one. It would also be beneficial to your company’s productivity as such a memorable gift would only encourage other employees to work harder towards achieving it.

Consider gifting bags

When thinking about potential gifts to give your long-serving, dependable employees, you have to consider the practicality of the gift. A corporate gift would not hold much of a value when your employee sees no use for it and ends up chucking it in a corner of their storeroom. On the other hand, if you chose a corporate bag as the gift for your longest working employees, it would be beneficial for them.

For instance, if they received a corporate gift backpack for their long service, they would proudly carry that bag to work every day. Furthermore, a bag serves a purpose for many varying occasions, whether it is for a hiking trip or even for travel. The practicality of a bag makes it an ideal corporate gift.


These three suggestions for the best corporate gifts would ensure that your dedicated employees feel that their time and effort is noticed and appreciated. This eventually leads to a more productive and efficient team where the employees are happy working for you!

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