A Helpful Guide To the Do’s & Don’ts of Corporate Gifting

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A Helpful Guide To the Do’s & Don’ts of Corporate Gifting

It goes without saying that every successful company has a team of hardworking and committed team behind them. From employees to clients and partners, they all have contributed and helped the business. This is the reason why making sure they feel appreciated is important and necessary, and a great way to accomplish this is through gifting!

Finding the perfect gift for your employees and clients can be an intimidating task. Although your intentions are right, there is always a chance your corporate gift may end up being unused or unappreciated. So to aid you in your decisions, here are a few do’s and don’ts of corporate gifting! 

Do get a practical gift

Let’s face it, how many times have you gotten a gift that ended up on a shelf collecting dust? This is why getting a practical gift would be a better idea! Firstly, understand the needs of the people you are gifting to and then choose accordingly. Consider getting custom pens or bags for gifts that are functional for almost everyone! Remember that these gifts would also leave an impression of how much thought and effort you put in. Besides, giving an impractical gift would also be a waste of time and money! 

Do make it personal

Making personal touches to your corporate gift can make a huge difference in how the receiver will view the gift. If you can remember something distinctive about your client or partners, it would be great to keep them in mind when selecting a gift. It would be helpful to find a reliable wholesale supplier in Singapore that can help customise your gifts as well!

Do buy in bulk

When you buy in bulk, many corporate gift supplies have sweet deals and bundles that could save you some money. For example, buying individual notebooks for each person can cost much more compared to buying them wholesale – and, you can get them customised. Be sure to check up on the gift you have chosen and stick to your budget! 

Do be creative

Thinking outside of the box and coming up with an interesting and creative gift is a thoughtful gesture to pass along. This may not always be easy, but put in some time and effort to brainstorm to choose a unique gift for the team. A corporate gift has the power to influence the receiver’s impression of you whether positively or negatively. So, do your best!

Don’t be cheap

Budgeting is an important aspect to consider when you have a business, but cutting down on costs when choosing a corporate gift is not recommended. Choosing a high-quality gift is essential, but that doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. Keep in mind that corporate gifting isn’t just an item, but also an expression of gratitude. 

Don’t get a gift that is cultural or religious

If your business doesn’t operate on a cultural or religious basis, this would mean that your employees, clients, and partners would likely come from diverse backgrounds. This is why you should choose appropriate gifts that doesn’t contain religious or cultural associations of the receiver. In multicultural Singapore, you should also look up on any taboo items that you shouldn’t be giving to certain groups of people.


We hope that you have a better understanding on the do’s and don’ts of corporate gifting! Vivopress is here to help you find the best corporate gift in Singapore for your next event. We provide many unique and high-quality corporate gifts that will impress your receiver and make a good impression.

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