Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Endorsement of Official Quotation
Through the endorsement of Estimate, client has confirmed the order and is agreeable to all terms stated within this document.

Artwork and Mock up Confirmation
VivoPress will not be liable for errors that resulted from client’s artwork or client’s approval on artwork. Additional charges may be incurred for any additional mock ups that are required as a result of alterations required by the customer.

Approving a Mock up for Mass Production
1) Vivopress shall incur no liability for any errors not corrected by the client in mock up submitted.
2) Additional costs will be incurred should alternations be made after client confirms to proceed with the mass production.
3) The above also applicable should client agrees to proceed with the mass production via confirmation through mock up pictures or visual (Skipping of mock up).

Color and Size discrepancy
Printing color and size variation of up 15% of the intended color/size stated with the artwork or on the official quotation is unavoidable.
Color discrepancy may occur in the in areas such as between computer screen viewing and actual printed color, within the same or separate print run/mass production and between mock up and mass produced goods.
For plastic-related products (eg. Plastic bags, plastic tissue packs), color discrepancy may goes up to 20%.

Spot UV/Hotstamp/Emboss/Diecut to Shape/Sewing Workmanship
These are all additional finishing after printing and our common standard of acceptance is up to 1mm of mis-registration.

As most of our production is based in China, the goods would have to be sea or air shipped to Singapore. The packaging box may get damaged/dented during the shipment. VivoPress would not be liable for damaged packaging should the contents within is undamaged.

Production and delivery Leadtime
VivoPress will not be liable for Customer delay (Delay in confirmation of visual and mock up/Delay in payment) and custom clearance delays (Though rare, goods may be held up by poor weather conditions and government customs checks)

Quality Issues 
In cases in which client identified defects within the goods received, client would have to provide VivoPress will the pictures of the defects as well as the exact quantity of the defects.
VivoPress could not be liable for quality issues/complaints should client fails to provide the required information accurately and thus, no refund/discount/replacement of goods will be made.
(Should client places order based on credit terms, the full amount is to be paid accordingly/as agreed)
Complaints raised after 10 working days will not be entertained.
Upon receiving the information, VivoPress reserves the right to retrieve the defective goods to verify the validity of complaint and quantity of defects.
Upon verification of the complaint, Vivopress reserves the right to determine compensation method (between replacement of goods or refund/amount of refund) for valid cases.
Client is to provide VivoPress with sufficient time (up to 5 weeks) should the need for replacement arises.
In the case in which replacements are made/Rejection of goods, the ownership of the defects will belong to VivoPress and VivoPress reserves the right to store or dispose it as VivoPress sees fit.

Cancellation of order 
Cancellation after mock up production: Client will be charged the mock up production cost as well as a cancellation fee of $150. (Application to clients who signed our official quotation or invoice but has not proceed with the mass production).
No cancellation of order is allowed after confirmation email is sent to proceed with mass production.

Payment and Credit Terms
Deposit is to be paid for all confirmed orders. In the case of bounced/cancelled cheque payment, client is to provide repayment cheque within 2 working days.
Balance payment to be made upon delivery of goods, unless otherwise agreed in writing VivoPress reserves the right to retrieve the goods in cases which client fails to make payment according to agreed terms.