Safety And Fashion: Why Custom Mask is A Great Giveaway Idea

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Safety And Fashion: Why Custom Mask is A Great Giveaway Idea

Without a doubt, giveaways are a great marketing strategy. They are one of the most effective ways to engage your partners or customers and give back to the community that has helped your business thrive. In the process, you expose your brand to potential customers.

There are many kinds of items that you can use in your giveaways. The most common ones are mugs, water bottles and stickers. But to stand out from the competition, you need to do away with these common promotional items and give your customers something remarkable – a custom mask is a great example. And why so? Here are some reasons why you should consider customised masks for your next brand promotion.

They are highly sought after (in this pandemic)

After the outbreak of the pandemic, wearing a mask has become a crucial part of everyone’s day-to-day routine. Masks are not only important but essential for safety. They serve as a simple yet effective barrier against viruses and other disease-causing agents. By distributing masks, not only are you showing care and appreciation to your customers, but you are also helping them stay safe and healthy.

They have become trendy

Face masks have become a necessary part of everyone’s daily outfit. As part of the new norm, the wearing of masks has become essential even in workplaces. Custom masks, particularly, have become the latest trend. Additionally, customising your mask design makes the new norm a little less daunting. So consider giving your customers some customised face masks for them to stay safe and stylish!

They are inexpensive 

Compared to conventional promotional items, masks may be cheaper to produce in bulk. For instance, customised cotton or anti-bacterial face masks can cost an average of five dollars per piece. There are also an array of protective features you can choose from, such as an inner filter layer or adjustable ear loops on the masks.  In short, custom masks are cost-efficient without the need to sacrifice your gift quality. Your customers are sure to feel appreciated with a thoughtful gift!

They can enhance brand recognition

Aside from helping your customers stay safe and fashionable, custom masks can also offer your brand more recognition. You can do this by printing your company’s logo and brand colours on the face masks. The fabrics typically used in making masks, such as cotton, are generally great for printing. They can absorb ink readily and hold long-lasting prints. Mask printing has indeed become a popular trend these days, especially in the corporate world.


With many perks that face masks bring, they have become the ultimate giveaway item over conventional promotional products. Safety, fashion, practicality and brand recognition – these are some things that customised reusable masks can bring to your customers.

If you’re keen on gifting custom masks, tote bags or lanyards, Vivopress is here to help with one-of-a-kind customisable and affordable gift products! So, share your ideal designs with us – our passionate Vivopress team is here to make sure that your next giveaway will be memorable!

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