Beeswax Food Wrap

Beeswax Food Wrap


1 Set consist of 3 sizes
-Small: 18cm X 20cm
-Medium: 25cm X 26cm
-Large: 33cm X 35cm

Printing: Full color printing, 1 sided
Packaging: Customised Kraft Envelop Packaging

Production leadtime: 5-6 weeks (Please see information below for FAQ)

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Custom Beeswax Food Wrap | Reusable Food Wrap Printing

An environmentally friendly alternative to cling wrap, the Custom Beeswax Food Wrap is pliable and works just like a plastic wrap. This reusable food wrap is 100% natural and made of FDA food grade material. It comes in 3 different sizes to suit various needs. It can be used as covers for your condiment jars or food bowls, wrappers for your sandwiches or even folded into a snack bag. The bonus fact is that this non-plastic wrap is also reusable and easy to clean. Simply give it a rinse over cold water and they are ready to go!

We do customize print on the Custom Beeswax Wrap and packaging, making it great as a sustainable corporate gift or merchandise.



Frequently Asked Questions


Are beeswax food wraps safe?

Yes, they are completely safe to use. The food wraps are made with FDA food grade materials. In fact, beeswax has antibacterial properties that help in keeping things clean and reducing the risks of contamination. Certifications are available upon request, simply drop us an email.
How do beeswax food wraps work?

The beeswax can be soften through the warmth of our hands, allowing it to be moulded firmly around food or container.
Are beeswax food wraps reusable?

Yes. It is washable and reusable. It won’t tear easily due to high durability cotton.
How do I clean and store the beeswax food wraps?

Wash the wrap with cool water and mild soap after each use. Allow it to air dry. Store it in a cool dry place, avoiding any heat source to prevent the wax from melting.
How long do beeswax food wraps last?

Most beeswax wrap can last up to a year and possibly longer if it is properly taken care of.
Can I print my own artwork on the Beeswax Wrap?

Yes, the price stated is inclusive of full colour printing.
Can I customize the packaging based on my design?

Yes, we can print your artwork into the packaging.
Is the size customizable?

Yes, simply let us know the size and quantity you wish to produce.
Do you provide design services for the Beeswax Wrap?

Yes, our in-house designers will be glad to assist you in creating the artwork. (Design fees will apply.)
What is the production leadtime?

Mock up takes 2 weeks. Mass production takes 5 – 6 weeks depending on order quantity, shipment type and specifications.
Can I request for some samples to review the quality?

Sure, samples are available at our office for viewing. Do give us a call before you drop by.
Alternatively, if you require us to send you the samples, kindly do email us at to request for samples. Kindly do indicate your required qty and order specifications for along with your request, thank you!