Make Corporate Gifting Fun: 4 Latest Trends You Should Try

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Make Corporate Gifting Fun: 4 Latest Trends You Should Try

Corporate gifting is a common practice in many companies. It is a thoughtful gesture for business owners to give back to their employees, letting them know you appreciate the hours and effort put in. And with the current pandemic, where your employees are still adapting to the new normal, corporate gifting is a great idea to cheer your employees up.

This year, to switch up the way your employee gifts, check out these latest trends in corporate gifting! They are sure to help you make corporate gifting more fun and meaningful at the same time.


Personalisation is one rising trend to bear in mind when considering corporate gifting these days. Especially amid the COVID-19 crisis, with the need to be socially distanced, it is easy to feel out of touch from the loved ones you are not able to meet physically.

To cheer your employees up, send personalised corporate gifts to their homes – let them know that you care for them! Perhaps consider engraving their names on custom pens. Then, as they use the pen while working from home, they would be reminded that someone has thought of them while crafting this gift.

Cut back on the logos or promotions

It’s natural or might even be habitual for companies to add their logos on all the gifts they distribute. Although the logos always serve as good promotions, remember that this corporate gift intends to extend a caring gesture.

That’s why more and more companies have been moving away from the addition of logos. Instead, focus on the recipient and how you would like to give a heartfelt thank you. Doing away with logos is a small sign that you wish to appreciate them and not the company.

Go for gift-automation

When you are juggling between the personalised gifts you have for your employees, staying on top and keeping track of them can be challenging. Especially if you have chosen to provide various gifts for each individual, keeping track of them even on Google Sheets can be tedious. So to lessen the struggle of tracking corporate gifts, it is high time for you to upgrade your gifting process and automate it.

There are several corporate gifting platforms out there that you can utilise for automated gifting. Some platforms allow you to choose gifts based on the preferences or hobbies of your receivers, while others create a customised catalogue for your company. No matter what platform you choose, automating your gifting process is the way to go this year!

Gifting with social responsibility

Following the aftermath of the pandemic, the economy has suffered and many have suffered financially or even lost their jobs. As such, your employees might be inspired to provide a helping hand instead of receiving physical gifts for themselves. And the act of giving back is indeed one of the best things your company can do in these chaotic times.

Consider asking your employees to choose a charity that they hold dear to them. This makes the gift-giving extra meaningful! After which, have a discussion together to decide if your team would like to give monetary assistance or a physical helping hand to the charities.


Corporate gifting is always a good idea to show your employees that you appreciate their presence and value their work. It’s time to say a big thank you – customised corporate gifts are sure to be a game-changer and boost employee morale.

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