5 Best Office Items to Customize for Corporate Gifting

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5 Best Office Items to Customize for Corporate Gifting

Do you want to give your employees something special to lift their spirits up and keep them motivated? If the answer is yes, then customized corporate gifts are the ones you need. Corporate gifting is a common tradition in many companies. It is a way for business owners to show their employees how much their efforts are appreciated and valued.

However, sometimes, plain corporate gifts can make the practice seem repetitive and boring. To up your game as a business owner, give your employees customized gifts they will surely cherish. Below are some of the best office items you can customize to give as gifts to your hardworking employees.


Facemasks are considered essential items these days, especially amid a pandemic. So, gifting your employees with masks is such a great idea. But plain facemasks are too dull and boring to be given as gifts. To make your corporate gifts more creative and special, give your employees custom masks.

Facemasks that are made of fabrics like cotton are easy to customize through sewing or printing. By gifting your employees with custom masks, you are encouraging them to be safe and cautious, while staying fashionable at the same time.

Tote Bags

Tote bags are also becoming increasingly trendy nowadays. They have gained immense popularity mainly because of their durability and long-lasting endurance. They always come in handy whenever you go grocery shopping or run some errands.

Aside from being durable carriers for shopping, tote bags are also easily customizable because they are made out of natural fibers, such as cotton and canvas, which are great for printing. You can either print your company’s logo or personal messages on the tote bags you will give your employees.


Mugs are considered the traditional corporate gifts. They are the items that company owners usually give their employees as gifts or their customers as promotional merchandize. But just because mugs are overused does not mean you cannot anymore give them to your employees.

You can still use mugs as corporate gifts in a creative and unique way. The best way to do this is to customize them. Create custom mugs by adding photos, logos, or inspirational quotes on them. Personalized mugs are very useful, especially during busy days when your employees need the constant boost of coffee.


Lanyards are used on a daily basis in many industries for staff badges and identification cards. Aside from this, they also come in handy for carrying items, such as water bottles, keys, sanitizers, and electronics. What people like more about lanyards is that they can be designed any way you want.

Custom lanyards are popular in schools and in businesses. Companies usually make their employees wear lanyards that are designed with their logos. By giving your employees personalized lanyards, you are not just upholding the tradition of corporate gifting in an artistic way, but you are also effectively promoting your company.


Notebooks are great corporate gifts because they tend to promote productivity and organization among employees. They are perfect for jotting down during important meetings or for simply writing down business ideas that suddenly pop up.

If you plan to give your employees notebooks as gifts, it is a good idea to customize them. Customization adds creativity and personal touches on your giveaway notebooks. Create custom covers for the notebooks by printing on them either your company logo, pictures, or motivational messages.


Customizing your gifts is a great idea to make your employees feel more special and valued. Sometimes, giving plain gifts can seem too obligatory and performative. To make your employees believe that you genuinely appreciate and value their hard work, take your corporate gifts up a notch by customizing them.

If you need help in making your gifts more creative and thoughtful, Vivopress is available at your service. We offer unique customized gift products that you can buy for your employees at affordable prices. Whatever personalized corporate gifts you need – whether it’s facemasks, tote bags, mugs, lanyard, notebooks, or others – we surely have them in high quality!

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