5 Amazing Corporate Gifts To Give Away At Your Next Event

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5 Amazing Corporate Gifts To Give Away At Your Next Event

In Singapore, corporate gifts are a perfect way to strengthen relationships that will lead to happier clients or an appreciated team. Although it might just be a small token, it has a significant positive impact on people’s morale and motivation. It would be best if you choose a gift that is relevant and useful as it will show that you’ve given a lot of thought into picking it out. This makes it visible that you value the business relationships you share with them.

Although mugs and calendars are useful gifts that never get old, they may not be impactful or unique enough to impress your guests. Instead, here are some other brilliant corporate gift ideas you can consider!

Ertac bamboo cutlery set

Going green is no longer just a trend, but a responsibility. Bamboo has incredible strength, making this set of cutlery reliable and long-lasting. Not only that, it has inherent antibacterial and antifungal properties, which make it a safer and healthier choice! This encourages the reduction of plastic waste, which also reflects well on your company as one that prioritises environmental sustainability.

A simple and minimalistic cutlery set that is useful and portable can be easily stored inside a bag, lunchbox or in one’s office desk. This would be the perfect gift to show your receiver that you care for them and the environment.

Anti-bacterial reusable masks

With Covid-19 still going on, reusable masks are, and will be, an essential item for quite a while. Health and safety should be our utmost priority and it would be good for your team or clients to feel that you care for theirs. Get reusable masks that are comfortable, adjustable and breathable! You can even customise this gift to make it more unique and personalised.

Foldable polyester bag

Bringing your own bags when you do your shopping has been highly recommended to reduce the use of single-use plastic bags. Not only is it good for the animals and environment, polyester bags are also more sturdy and you need not worry about your bag splitting. You can include your logo on the bag or choose a colour your brand associates with. Foldable polyester bags are small and light, making it very convenient to bring out of the house! People will definitely love this functional gift!

Absorbent pulp coasters with foil-stamping

These fancy coasters would definitely steal the spotlight! These coasters are highly practical gifts at events and are excellent for advertising or promoting your company. The material maintains its shape over multiple uses and it would be very useful for preventing your work or desk from getting wet when you have a cold drink. The foil-stamping would give the coaster a classy look and you can customise it with your company’s logo or name! This functional and versatile custom printed coasters would be a great choice!

Fashionable pins

This unique gift allows you to customise your button pins with different colours, shapes and designs that you feel will suit your company or event best. Be sure to choose a suitable design for your event and it will surely generate some buzz! It could be used as a fashionable accessory as well! You can customise your button pins with the colours, shape and design you feel will suit your company or event best.


The 5 gifts listed are perfect choices for your upcoming event. Be sure to choose your gifts according to your event or client’s preferences and they will surely love it!

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